Congratulations to you both, Sarah & Matthew!

After a delightful ceremony at St. Mary’s The Virgin in Godmanchester, they took their leisurely boat trip downstream to their English Island Wedding in Cambridgeshire, beginning with a reception at Island Hall. It’s a stunning house with exquisite decor but the gardens and private river island are the icing on the cake.

On arriving, Sarah & Matt were mobbed by their guests and sister Emily sung beautifully in the reception hall.

As the sun went down, we passed in pairs across the old bridge to the grand marquee. The island had plenty of quiet corners and some guests toasted marshmallows while others shared the view astride a helpfully felled tree trunk. Considering the island’s proximity to the village, it was incredibly peaceful.

Sarah & Matt hit the dance floor but they weren’t alone for long as there were plenty of enthusiasts among the guests. As night fell, Megabooth arrived in their Black Taxi Photo Booth. Colourful props and party-wear brought out plenty of inner children – how no one got wet is a miracle!

Thanks for a lovely photo opportunity and I hope you’re pleased with the pictures.


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