You’d be reasonable to expect a dry day in July but never mind! The English have form at thoroughly enjoying their weddings during a downpour and Ant & Cat’s Sussex wedding in the summer rain was memorable for all the right reasons…

First off, the flowers and woodland marquee were something else. I’m not talking about a marquee in a wood, Tattie Rose Flowers created a lush woodland inside their garden marquee! More on that later.

Preparations started early at home in East Lavant and I could tell I was in for a treat as the hustle and bustle happened around me. It was all hands on deck and everyone was firmly in the moment with Cat as rollers and make up were applied.

I photographed Ant’s sister Mel’s wedding last year. She also had a beautiful flower arch behind the church and it seems to have become quite the family tradition! Ant and his ushers were busying themselves with the final touches as the epic flower arch went up outside. They’d had a village flower show at the church when I arrived to do a quick recce earlier in the morning and the church had since been transformed in a flurry of activity.

After a very jolly ceremony, heavy clouds were threatening and we blitzed a few groups then charged through a shower of rose petals to find shelter before the real rain kicked in. Best laid plans to get the groups out of the way quickly were scuppered by the ensuing downpour as everyone relocated under the gazebo to devour Marie Hudson’s feast of salmon and jamon in the side garden. The summer sun returned to dry out the soggy ushers who had been stars escorting guests with their wedding issue umbrellas!

After mopping up the abandoned groups, Ant & Cat were game for some portraits and we found a beautiful clearing of light on the edge of the wood below the swimming pool. Then it was back to the house for a bit of dress maintenance with hair dryers!

As speeches began in the marquee, I had so much fun taking pictures of the speakers, surrounded and framed by the forested landscape. There’s only so much you can do if someone is standing in front of a curtain but the depth and amount of creativity that had gone into the interior of the marquee was an inspiration.

Delicious food and dancing followed late into the evening. As twilight became night, people gathered around the swimming pool for cocktails and cigars. The pink lit pool house and the blue from the pool, peppered with pops of tungsten looked very stylish.

Ant & Cat – thanks so much for having me along to your wedding day in Sussex and best of luck with your new farm!


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