It’s rather handy living a short skip and a jump from St. Alban’s Cathedral and also useful that The Verulum Arms is en route! While Katie got ready with the Bridesmaids at her Parents’ house, Russ and his Groomsmen arrived early to welcome guests ahead of the Ceremony.

It was wonderful working with natural light in such a grand Cathedral and the tungsten light gave a warm blush to the cold stone. After the marriage, the recession through the Lady Chapel to the West End Doors was epic with lots of interest from members of the public.

Katie and Russ continued their wedding at Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire with lush greens and tranquil waters serving as the backdrop to the reception. It was a cool summer’s day but even still, the cheese tower got a little melty and needed cutting early! The wedding breakfast continued with juicy beef and fat yorkshire puddings. Russ rounded off his speech by using a saber to slice away the champagne cork. After a few attempts things got fizzy!

Russ and Katie were a charming couple and a joy to photograph with their guests, particularly on the dance floor!


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