Whether you’re a grandfather or a flower girl, confetti brings out the inner child in us all!

It’s always fun watching guests vying for the best spot from which to hurl their coloured missiles at the newlyweds. I’ve gathered this little collection of wedding confetti photographs to show how all the nervous energy and excitement of the ceremony has a chance to escape in clouds of flower petals and rice.

Some top tips –

1. Always talk to your church or venue in advance so that you can negotiate what they allow to be thrown and where. Many establishments only permit natural flower petals.

2. Have your ushers primed to line up guests evenly either side of your getaway path so you don’t get a scrum!

3. Make sure you don’t scrimp on the good stuff – Dribs and drabs of confetti are a bit of an anti climax when you should be aiming for airborne carnage!

Brompton Oratory Wedding Photography

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  1. What a lovely, joyful confetti frames! Perfect work :)

    • Thank you! Very kind.

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